‘Fodder Trading Verhoeven processes straw as part of its own operation’


Fodder Trading Verhoeven runs its own production department, where various straw products are chopped and crushed. Wheat straw and rape straw, in particular, are excellent for use in these processes. However, we also chop barley straw for use at mink farms.

Straw is crushed to a length of 3 to 5 millimetres and our crushed products are used exclusively as litter.

The chopping process produces lengths of 1 to 6 centimetres. Chopped products are used as feed or as litter.

Fodder Trading Verhoeven supplies 5 processed products:

  • - chopped wheat straw;
  • - crushed wheat straw;
  • - chopped rape straw;
  • - crushed rape straw;
  • - chopped barley straw.

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