‘Modern techniques are used to chop, crush and remove dust from the straw’


Fodder Trading Verhoeven processes straw as part of its own operation. Modern techniques are used to chop, crush and remove dust from the straw, after which it is compacted into manageable bales. We process more than 35,000 tons annually.

Verhoeven delivers its products within short periods of time and supplies end-users as well as retailers. If desired, we can attach individual customer labels to the bales.

Quality control

Verhoeven is GMP-certified, meaning that quality is our first priority. We only process top-quality straw and we continuously take samples in order to monitor excellence. This is not limited to the production process. Even during loading, our drivers use hygrometers to keep a close eye on quality. By using very thorough dust-removal methods, we keep iron contents low. This makes our products safe, especially when used for white veal calves.

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"Quality is our first priority’"

Straw products ...

  • ... absorb large amounts of moisture;
  • ... create a comfortable bed;
  • ... decompose well in manure;
  • ... are virtually dust-free;
  • ... are relatively inexpensive
  •     thanks to low applicable tax rates.