‘Verhoeven delivers to end-users as well as retailers’


Fodder Trading Verhoeven’s core business is made up of the supply of straw and hay products intended for use with horses, poultry, pigs, mink, dairy cattle and calves. We also supply our products to horticulturists for the cultivation of strawberries, carrots and tulips. Verhoeven supplies raw and processed products, with the latter being chopped and crushed as part of our own operation.

Verhoeven delivers to end-users as well as retailers based on a maximum delivery period of 4-5 working days. Although straw is a climate-sensitive and seasonal product, the company’s targets are virtually always achieved with success.

Straw is a natural product that consists of dry grain flower stalks. Our straw is sold unprocessed or is chopped or crushed into litter.

It goes without saying that the type of grass has a major influence of the final quality of the hay.

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Our forage products

Wheat straw

Wheat straw is one of the most common straw types and is mainly used as litter in cattle pens and horse stables. It is also used as a base material for compost used in the mushroom industry;

Barley straw

Barley straw is often used as an extra source of roughage in fodder straw and as litter in the goat farming industry;

Rape straw

Rape straw is an important source of roughage, especially for dairy cattle;

Meadow hay

Meadow hay is a ‘roughage-rich bulk feed’ that is especially good for horses;

Grass seed hay

Finally, grass seed hay in its chopped form is often used to add extra roughage to cattle feed.