Fouragehandel Verhoeven buys and sells straw and hay products throughout Europe. With many years of experience, you can count on high-quality straw and the friendly service typical of Brabant.

Wheat Straw

Wheat straw is a versatile product that is in demand in various industries. It is used as roughage for livestock, but also as bedding in horticulture. Fouragehandel Verhoeven supplies only high-quality wheat straw.

Barley straw

While one may choose wheat straw, another may prefer barley straw. Barley straw is mainly used as an additional source of structure in feed straw and as bedding in goat farming. Fouragehandel Verhoeven always ensures the supply of high-quality barley straw.

Rapeseed straw

Rapeseed straw might be the toughest straw available. Although it can be used for many of the same purposes as barley and wheat straw, it is more often found in a processed form. Fouragehandel Verhoeven supplies both unprocessed and processed high-quality rapeseed straw.

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Forage products for various purposes

Straw and Hay for the most Diverse Applications

No matter what you need straw or hay for, Fouragehandel Verhoeven can always supply various types and grades. It will always be where it needs to be within a few working days. The forage trade that started it all still stands strong, resulting in a large loyal customer base. Straw and hay go to horses, poultry, pigs, dairy and young cattle, and are used in horticulture and for sustainable insulation purposes.


For end users and resellers

Directly from the Field to the Customer

Verhoeven supplies both end users and resellers. A delivery time of no more than 4-5 working days is always the goal. Although straw is a climate-sensitive seasonal product, this objective is almost always achieved. The unprocessed straw is sourced in Europe and immediately transported for delivery to its destination.

Quality and Safety

Our Certifications

Our organization is certified by GMP+ and Securefeed, two organizations that strictly monitor the food safety of feed materials. This ensures that we always know which bale comes from which farmer, and we conduct regular measurements to ensure quality. In addition to 'feed-safe' straw and hay, we can also supply organically certified straw.

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