Chopped wheat straw

Chopped wheat straw is cleaned and processed to a length of 1 to 6 centimeters. It is mainly used as structural feed for calves and bedding for horses.



Sorting by iron content

Every batch of wheat straw that arrives is consistently checked for iron content by analyzing three samples. Depending on this value, we sort the straw, reserving batches with low iron content specifically for veal calves. These calves must receive limited iron intake to keep their meat white in color. Wheat straw is highly suitable because a low iron content can be guaranteed. Chopped wheat straw is commonly used as structural feed for these calves; chopping the product makes it easier to mix with other feed. Additionally, chopped wheat straw is used as bedding in stables for horses, pigs, and poultry. It's an excellent animal bedding product because it maintains good airflow and effectively absorbs moisture.

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