‘A small-scale local business has expanded and become a household name’

About us

Fodder Trading Verhoeven was established on 20 May 1950 by Mr Verhoeven Sr. Over the years, what started off as a small-scale, local business has expanded and become a household name that operates in a number of European countries.

The company has since been taken over by son Jos. In 1983, the decision was made to add transport to the company’s operations. Verhoeven’s fleet currently consists of 8 trucks, 5 of which are devoted to the transport of straw products (the other three are outsourced to other parties). The company employs only qualified drivers.

Fodder Trading Verhoeven B.V.
De Branten 8
6027 NL Soerendonk (NL)

T. +31 (0)495 - 59 12 44
“Quality and service are Verhoeven’s number one priority”

In 2010, the company took another step forward by not only supplying, but also producing chopped and crushed products. Come 2018, around 35,000 tons of straw products are being processed on an annual basis.

Quality and service are Verhoeven’s number one priority. For this reason, the company prefers to maintain long-term relationships with its employees and its customers. There is considerable experience within the company, an added advantage of doing business with Verhoeven.

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