All hay and straw products from Fouragehandel Verhoeven meet the highest quality standards. Delivered as a pure product or processed into feed material or bedding, possibly supplemented with lime and packaged in the desired volume.



Certificates as Proof of Optimal Quality

Fouragehandel Verhoeven holds certifications from GMP+ and Securefeed. Every year, we reaffirm that we meet the highest standards regarding the food safety of feed materials. Every day, we receive hay and straw supplies from farmers across Europe. Despite the large quantities, our strict tracking system ensures we know exactly which bale of hay comes from which supplier. The regular measurements from our own laboratory ensure that the quality is known before it enters production.

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The Laboratory Ensures the Maintenance of Our Quality and Certification

Our laboratory is responsible for mapping the quality of straw per supplier, internal tracking, and meeting all requirements for maintaining our certifications. As soon as the raw straw arrives, it is weighed and our lab technician takes three samples. The yield of the three samples is mixed and measured in the lab. Once the iron content is known, the technician marks the iron value on the bales. This way, the employees processing the bales know how to treat the straw and which customer it is suitable for. Additionally, both our drivers and production employees carry a moisture meter with them, so they can measure the moisture content in the straw. The straw must be as dry as possible when loading to prevent mold growth and maintain high quality.

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