Rapeseed straw

Rapeseed straw might be the toughest straw available. Although it can be used for many of the same purposes as barley and wheat straw, it is more often found in a processed form. Fouragehandel Verhoeven supplies both unprocessed and processed high-quality rapeseed straw.



High-Quality Rapeseed Straw

Rapeseed straw is the residual product left after the seeds of the rapeseed crop have been harvested. Rapeseed is primarily grown for its oil-rich seeds, which are used for the production of rapeseed oil, a popular vegetable oil for human consumption and also for biodiesel production. Rapeseed straw differs from other types of straw, such as wheat straw or barley straw, due to its coarser and harder structure.

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Important Structural Source for Dairy Cattle

Rapeseed straw is an important structural source, especially for dairy cattle. Naturally a harder product, it is primarily used after processing. When processed, it can help stimulate the cow's digestive system. Additionally, rapeseed straw is often used as bedding for chickens and horses.

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