We make sure animals never go without.

We make sure animals never go without.
Always supplied with high-quality straw and hay, choose Fouragehandel Verhoeven as your reliable partner for both livestock farming and horticulture, and know that you will never run out.
Feed materials and beddings
In our own production, we handle straw processing by grinding or shredding with the most modern machines. We carefully and consistently process various types of straw into a wide variety of end products, exactly as desired.
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Fouragehandel Verhoeven

For over 70 years a leader in forage

The demand for straw remains, but purposes change. Fouragehandel Verhoeven moves effortlessly along. Generation after generation, the ability to see opportunities, think along, and expand is in their blood. Started with trading for the region, it has grown into a trader and producer of a wide variety of straw, hay, feed materials, and beddings throughout Europe. Fouragehandel Verhoeven supplies and produces straw and hay products that meet quality standards.


Beddings and feed materials

Maximum Quality

The pure product, directly from the field or processed into a high-quality final product. The extensive options range from the type of straw to processing, and from additives to packaging units. In all cases, we ensure a high-quality final product, adhering to strict quality standards which we consistently achieve.


Bio-based Construction

Insulating with Straw

In the construction sector, there is an increasing search for sustainable alternatives. Straw is a natural material that can be used as insulation in various parts of a building. Blowing in ISO-straw is the latest technique for completely natural insulation. Fouragehandel Verhoeven is eager to explore the possibilities for using straw in bio-based insulation.

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