‘It’s all about making sure that animals are not deprived’

Fodder Trading Verhoeven

Fodder Trading Verhoeven is a family business that has been supplying straw and hay products to livestock farmers, horse breeders and horticulturists for more than 50 years.

In addition to its regular stock trade, Verhoeven also supplies chopped and crushed straw, suitable as a source of roughage or as litter. We produce and remove dust from these products in our own capacity with an emphasis on quality.

Fodder Trading Verhoeven also arranges the transport of straw and other products within the Netherlands and abroad.

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Fodder Trading Verhoeven B.V.
De Branten 8
6027 NL Soerendonk (NL)

T. +31 (0)495 - 59 12 44