Bio-based insulation

Sustainability is an increasingly important theme in construction, leading to growing interest in natural insulation materials such as straw. This versatile material is ideal for use in various insulation applications within buildings.


Sustainable construction

Insulating with Straw: Natural and Sustainable

Blowing in ISO-straw is the latest technique for completely natural insulation. The wheat straw used comes from responsible cultivation, is harvested mold-free, and stored completely dry. During processing, it is thoroughly cleaned of dust and residues, ensuring a clean and high-quality product. No fire-retardant or anti-fungal agents are added. The high silicate content of the straw, combined with the high processing density of the chopped straw, provides fire-safe insulation. Fouragehandel Verhoeven is happy to explore the possibilities for straw in bio-based insulation or other applications.

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